By Greta Colburn

I’ve been waiting since October
for that love letter you promised me.
It’s been a year.
You said it would come the month I spent in Anchorage —
had me leave the address on our fridge.
The Alaskan Coastal Trail,
Flat Top mountain,
Beluga Point,
McHugh Creek:
I took myself places you couldn’t.
I learned to stop waiting.
It’s a ten hour flight home.
“You never sent my letter,” I say,
I spend the next week trying
to relearn how to love in stagnation.
I fail.
The cold ocean,
the glaciers,
the silt,
the young fog unfolded in a billow — eager to be clouds
still clinging
to the mountain’s apron strings:
a half reach frozen against the sky.
It was too bright in Anchorage
to see the aurora,
but it’s too bright in Austin
to see even the stars.

Greta “Cupcake” Colburn is a spoken word artist in Austin, TX. Since graduating from Bemidji State University in 2009 with a Creative and Professional Writing BFA, she has performed across the country in competitions as well as on tour. She has read in several shows around the Austin area including being selected to open for Andrea Gibson at the Austin Write Bloody Showcase Series.