By Erin Marsh

                                              View your Object of Desire through a kaleidoscope.
                                              Watch him fragment.

                                              Fall in love with a chunk of orange or red
                                              from his right shoulder.

                                              When you kiss, feel the heat
                                              of colors burn your top lip.

                                              Speak with a slight lisp for a few days.  Mis-
                                              pronounce his name:  “Tham,” not “Sam.”
                                              When he corrects you, interrupt him
                                              with another kiss.

                                              When he wears blue, ask
                                              him to change.

                                              When he holds you in the dark, know
                                              he can never warm all of you.

                                              When he says, “I love you,” pretend
                                              you didn’t understand, hear
                                              what you want.

Erin Marsh is a poet living in Bemidji.  She has poems in Sugar House Review, Post Road Magazine and Paper Darts. She graduated from the low-residency MFA program at Lesley University in Boston, MA, and is now taking classes at BSU.  You can keep up with her at her blog Against Love Poetry.