By Leah Fleming

                                              I should have known better
                                              when The Devil entered my relationship sector
                                              facing downwards.
                                              And you left me that message
                                              for another late night
                                              of shifting gears
                                              and sweat-streaked leather.
                                              The Six of Swords followed
                                              a reminder of your bipolar disorder
                                              and your dependence on the bottle.
                                              My friend would not help,
                                              Nine of Swords down,
                                              too concerned with her own readings
                                              and facing her own battles.
                                              So I will have to resist you myself,
                                              my only tools
                                              The Goddess 
                                              and The Knight of Wands
                                              facing up.


Leah Fleming
is twenty-one years old.  She is in love with the words people use and the connections humans make. You can visit her blog to learn more about her.