By Jennifer Von Ohlen

                                                      without a breath to cause
                                                      stir. Such a rare
                                                      time it is when one can barely
                                                      hear its kisses
                                                      along the sand, stretching
                                                      out from beach
                                                      to shore, becoming
                                                      a looking
                                                      glass of worlds.
                                                      Reflecting blue
                                                      it does not own
                                                      with colors lining
                                                      the realm of the other
                                                      side. A curious
                                                      face blocked
                                                      by its own image
                                                      trying to look

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Jennifer Von Ohlen grew up in Cokato, Minnesota, and has been writing for personal enjoyment for as long as she can remember. She attended UMD for one year before transferring here to BSU in the fall of 2012.