(To kick off the new “Ask” category, CRE8 set up a table in Hobson Memorial Union in October and asked students and other members of the BSU community to fill out a card and answer one of several questions. Responses to other questions will be published at a later date.)

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“The idea of real serial killers on Halloween”
“The thought of having a friend or family member die and I could have nothing to prevent it.”
“Being lonely.  There is nothing quite as terrifying as the thought of having no one there to lend a listening ear”
“The filling out of things that need to be filled out”
ANTS! Because as soon as you think you’re safe, sitting on the ground, suddenly they’re ON YOUR EYEBALLS”     Devan Bierbrauer
“The thought that someone could be watching me, the idea that the shadows may grow and take me over and never let me go.  And even more than that, that I’ll like it there…”     Meagan Brault
“The future”     Jordan Schroeder
“Demons that possess you!”     Callie Rossel
“Getting robbed”     Dennis Staples
“Failing nursing”     Emily Aaker
“When my girlfriend’s roommate jumps out from the pantry, in the dark, and screams ‘Yogi!'”     Yogi
“Abandonment by my friends”     Kyle Matuseski
“Time”     Joe S.
“Blood and gore”     Caroline Bendar
“People handing out questions”
“Death, spiders”     Maci Barker
**Spider picture**     Katy Dahl & Taylor
“Sharks and snakes”     Ryan Hagerty
“Zombies!!!”     Felicia
“Clowns”    Iain Adams & Nate
“I fear the possibility of being alone.  life is meant to be spent with friends and family, not alone.  And being alone in life means that you lost your family.”    Meghan Frenzel
“That I will lose communication with good friends due to distance”     Michael Layerx
“Jumping into new situations without a clue”     Kaylynn Anderson