By Joe Vito Moubry

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When did you discover photography as an outlet for your creativity?

I discovered it when I was very young. My father would take me on hikes and take along his camera. I asked if I could also use it to take pictures. From there I used it to capture all the magical scenes and different worlds I saw. I realized it was just another tool to express myself.
What are some of your favorite subjects to photograph?

Some of my favorite subjects would have to animals. I enjoy getting down on their level and experiencing the world through their eyes. I also love shooting people and making whimsical portraits. My mission is to expose every individual’s true beauty.
You say you like photographing “whimsical portraits.” What do you mean by “whimsical”?

When I describe whimsical, I am referring to the lighting I use.  Even lighting, not harsh—and the f-stop.  I like using an f-stop of 1.4 to 2.5 to create a bokeh effect.
What has helped you to develop your photographic style?

Other art. I love impressionism, and I try to imitate it in my photography.
If you could photograph any person or event, what would it be? Why?

Woodstock. I would have loved to capture the music in people’s expressions.  I love the trends, fashions—the vibes of the 1960s and the 1970s.  I would have loved to capture every bit of it.


Stephanie Serres is a 22-year-old social work major in her junior year. Originally from Prescott, Wisconsin, she completed her associate’s degree in photography with honors. She’s excited about continuing to use her degree and sharing her passion for photography through the BSU Photography Association. You can learn more about her on Facebook. Joe Vito Moubry is a BSU graduate and an emerging photographer who loves taking pictures with any camera he can get his hands on.