By Jennah Kelley

                                                                   They stand like towers
                                                                   Normally second or third tallest              
                                                                   In a room it seems odd
                                                                   From my seat on the ground
                                                                   My little space
                                                                   My tiny square.
                                                                   They stand like towers round the edges
                                                                   Family and adults adopted into it
                                                                   Pulled from the corners of the country
                                                                   To this room.
                                                                   My mother sews quilts here
                                                                   A place of making, beautiful
                                                                   colors layered to patterns.
                                                                   Log cabin and flying geese
                                                                   fade into a hospice bed.
                                                                   Watching Daddy die they stand
                                                                   like towers round the edges
                                                                   Like our Viking ancestors gathered
                                                                   for the passing of a chieftain.
                                                                   Hard to leave life for those
                                                                   with much to be left
                                                                   As he passes we serve,
                                                                   A proud legacy,
                                                                   Spouse and siblings and we offspring.
                                                                   And we stand like towers.

logcabinJennah Kelley is currently enrolled at BSU in the creative and professional writing program and will graduate with a BFA. She has lived in Minnesota all her life, and it will forever influence her writing, as will her family, friends, pets and all who have endeared themselves to her nerdiness.