By Emily Rohlik


                                                             I lie here untouched 
                                                             Unmoved by the sheets
                                                             Unmoved by thoughts of you              
                                                             I look around and things seem simple
                                                             I can feel the warmth in between.
                                                             Our breaths in sync
                                                             Slow and soft
                                                             The gentle air brushes my back
                                                             Stirring my hair and tickling my spine
                                                             Like grass on my feet
                                                             I feel the closeness, yet
                                                             Sense the distance 
                                                             Time is moving, like summer
                                                             In the heat, we wonder why
                                                             Things are different.
                                                             Time stands still.
                                                             You shift, I shift
                                                             We meet. 
                                                             Arms tangled like roots of a plant,

Emily Rohlik is a freshman at BSU. Her major is undecided. She likes to write in her free time and when she is given a topic she can relate to.