To celebrate Halloween, CRE8 staff lurked in Hobson Memorial Union and invited students to share some tales and tidbits of intrigue and horror to spread the spooky spirit.

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Other Two Sentence Horror Stories:
“I hate it when you walk with me in the cemetery. I distinctly remember nailing your coffin shut.”
“I’ve always grown up with pets, so scratching at the door never bothered me. Now that I live completely alone, the scratching continues.”
“My friends and I fell into a hole. I was the only one who could not climb out.”
“It was late October at the northern Minnesota university when the sky clouded over. The first flake of the year fell to the ground, and all hope was lost.”
“I woke up and realized that it was once again the same morning that I was living. I was doomed to relive midterms over and over again until the end of time!”
“Before my mom died, she showed me a picture of my father holding up two fingers. When I looked at it after the funeral, he was holding up three.”
“She watched from her bed as the shadow moved toward her open door— it was as tall as her father, had the same body shape as her father, even had her father’s beard, but it wasn’t her father. She slipped further into her blankets, hugged the toy rabbit her mother gave to her, sang the song her mother sang to her, and prayed that her mother would come, but she didn’t. The figure came closer and closer until the door locked.”
“The feeling of my lover’s breath on my neck had always kept me warm. Since he passed on, that same breath has turned cold.”