robintree.jpgCRE8 is put together by students in the Internships in Literary Publishing course at Bemidji State University.

We’re a small community, so we do accept submissions from our own staff.  To ensure objectivity, we divide the class into several editorial boards. If someone from the class submits work, it goes to an independent board.

In addition to serving on an editorial board, all class members work on teams to produce the magazine.
Managing Editors

  • Nyssa Beech *
  • Zach Hanson *
  • Brad Tramel *


  • Amanda Klejeski *
  • Melissa Mathies *
  • Sarah Pirila *
  • Destiny Sherman *
  • Craig Sorby *

* Contributing editor
Faculty Editor: Maureen Gibbon
Please write to us at cre8here “at”  or fill out this form: