tree1Does CRE8 own rights to my story if it is published?
No, you retain the rights to your work.
My submission goes over the word/line limit. Can I still submit it?
We’d like you to stay as close to the limit as possible, but we do sometimes consider slightly longer works.
Can I submit work after the deadline?
As long as your work is postmarked by the deadline, we accept it. We will have other opportunities to submit in the future, too.
Can I submit under a pen name or pseudonym?
We publish work using your “real” name only. While we understand why some people want to conceal their identities, we don’t want to take responsibility for keeping a secret.
How often does CRE8 update its front page?
We have two different publication schedules. At the start of a semester, we update our front page content every Wednesday. After we get in more submissions, we move to a Monday/Thursday schedule. Occasionally we publish every day of the week.
When is CRE8 published?
We will publish new work throughout the academic year.
Can I submit an image for my piece?
You’ll have to trust us to pick something appropriate for your story. We usually use copyright-free images.
Will there be an annual print journal of all the pieces published online?
At this time there are no plans for a print journal.
Will there be a public reading by authors?
Please stay tuned on this!